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Prosthodontist Services Near Boca Raton, FL

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Boca Raton, Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, and excellent golf courses. But did you know that Boca Raton is also home to some of the top prosthodontists in the state? Prosthodontists are dental specialists who focus on replacing missing teeth and restoring optimal oral function. In this article, we will cover the renowned prosthodontics services company called Novudentics, located right outside of Boca.

Looking For a Prosthodontist in the Boca Raton Area?

With its large population of retirees and affluent residents, Boca Raton has high demand for prosthodontics services. Many prosthodontists in the Boca Raton area offer implant-supported dentures, crowns, bridges, and veneers to replace missing or damaged teeth. They use advanced digital technology like CAD/CAM milling to create natural-looking dental restorations.

dr Serafeim Kallithrakas prosthodontist

Some of the leading prosthodontics practices in Boca Raton are state-of-the-art clinics with the latest equipment and techniques. For example, Novudentics is an award-winning practice that offers full-mouth reconstruction using dental implants and cosmetic solutions. Dr. Kallithrakas (Dr. K) is a highly respected prosthodontist who teaches nationally and internationally.

Why Visit a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists in the Boca Raton area have specialty training beyond general dentistry.

They are experts at evaluating patients’ oral health and creating personalized treatment plans. Many prosthodontists offer smile makeovers to dramatically improve dental appearance and function. They can transform smiles impaired by tooth loss, infection, trauma, or heredity.

Practices Near Boca Raton That Offer Dental Implants

Novudentics specializes in all areas of prosthodontics. Among these areas of specialty, many residents of Boca come to us for dental implants. There are many different reasons you should consider getting dental implants, but these are the most common reasons we see:

To replace missing teeth: Dental implants can be used to replace single or multiple missing teeth without negatively impacting adjacent healthy teeth. Implants are secured directly into the jawbone, providing sturdy anchors for replacement teeth that look and function similarly to natural teeth.

stained teeth

To improve chewing/eating: Missing teeth can make chewing and eating difficult or uncomfortable. Dental implants allow patients to chew and eat with confidence again without pain or difficulty. The replacement teeth are strong and stable, making chewing easier and more effective.

To secure loose dentures: For those who wear removable dentures, implants can provide a stable support structure to securely anchor the dentures in place. This eliminates slippage and discomfort from loose dentures when eating, smiling, or talking. The implants integrate with the dentures to allow for optimal functionality without embarrassment.

Crowns and Bridges in Boca Raton

As we discussed earlier, Boca is home to a relatively senior population when compares to other cities across the United States. Most older adults find themselves needing crowns and/or bridges. As out teeth age, they sometimes need to be restored. Think of the amount of wear and tear your teeth get over your lifetime.

Crowns and bridges restore the structure, function, and aesthetics of damaged or missing teeth. People choose these restorations to return their teeth to health, improve appearance, and enable proper chewing, biting, and speaking.

If you are in the Boca are of South Florida and need crowns or bridges, please visit us at Novudentics for a consultation.

Schedule an Appointment Today at Novudentics Near Boca, Florida

If you are in the Boca Raton greater area, please stop by Novudentics for a consultation in the prosthodontist services you require. We have the experience, expertise, and professionalism in the dental industry to get just about anything you can imagine in the line of prosthodontics done.

Our Boca Raton prosthodontists are highly skilled artists who will carefully craft natural-looking, custom restorations to beautifully transform your smile.

Who Wrote This?


Dr. Kallithrakas (Dr. K) is the lead prosthodontist for Novudentics in Palm Beach, Florida. He obtained a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and conducted a one year fellowship in Implant Dentistry sponsored by Biomet 3i at NOVA Southeastern University. Dr. K also has a Master in Science in which his thesis The difference in microgap between zirconia and titanium abutments; a pilot study was published.

Dr. K and his team at Novudentics have extensive training in all areas of prosthodontics, and serve patients across the United States from his Palm Beach office location. He believes that changing someone’s smile can help make a difference in many aspects of someone’s life.

Connect with Dr. Kallithrakas on Linkedin.

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