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Full Mouth Restorations

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At the Novudentics Prosthodontics location in West Palm Beach, Florida, we conduct some very high profile surgeries that include full mouth restorations. Let us explain to you what this procedure is, and why you might benefit from it.

What is a full mouth restoration?

Full mouth restoration describes a combination of dental treatments designed to restore a functional and appealing smile. Just as no two smiles are alike, each full mouth restoration is also unique, shaped by the needs and goals of each patient. 

Also, sometimes called full mouth reconstruction, a full mouth restoration involves repairing or replacing most or all of your natural teeth. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, today’s  restoration treatments offer the ability to restore normal dental function while creating beautiful, natural-looking smiles. 

There’s no need to live with painful or embarrassing dental problems when there are treatments that can help. A full mouth restoration consultation at Novudentics can show you a path toward an exceptional smile. 

When do I need full mouth restoration?

A number of different factors can lead you to seek a full mouth restoration. Some of the conditions that need extensive dental work include:

  • Traumatic injury
  • Advanced dental decay
  • Congenital dental conditions
  • Damage caused by bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Damage caused by certain medications or treatments
  • Limited restorative space
  • Esthetic considerations
  • Advanced periodontal disease

Some people need full mouth restoration due to years of lacking access to quality dental care. No matter what brings you in, the team at Novudentics is standing by to restore your smile and function with compassion and care. 

Prosthodontists bring a wealth of experience in combining teeth and implant dentistry and complex dental restorations. Working with professionals who have outstanding training and expertise makes you feel confident in the full mouth restoration process. 

What should I expect to go through in a full mouth reconstruction?

Each full mouth restoration is customized to suit the needs of the patient. During the planning stage, your dentist explains each option in detail, providing the insight you need to make an informed decision about your treatment plan.

Some of the treatments that might be part of your full mouth restoration include:

  • Dental implants
  • Crowns or veneers
  • Bridges
  • Inlays and onlays
  • Extractions
  • Removable and fixed prostheses
  • Hard and soft tissue grafting
  • Sinus lift

Cosmetic treatments like tooth-colored fillings and dental veneers might also play a role in full mouth restoration. During your consultation at Novudentics, you explore what to expect in terms of treatment timelines, recovery times, and expenses. 

The team believes that full mouth restorations can present certain limitations and complications that only a prosthodontist will be able to deal with. Everything in the Novudentics office starts with the right diagnosis, which involves a customized smile analysis about your teeth shape, size and optimal position and also an occlusal analysis. This provides the guide for achieving a long-lasting, functional result, perfectly aligned within your face. 

To schedule your personalized full mouth restoration at Novudentics, call the office to check availability or book an appointment online today.

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