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Implant Supported Dentures

Implant support dentures are a specialty at Novudentics. We see many different patients that request this form of dentures, typically for their durability and ease of use.

What is an implant supported denture?

Implant supported dentures are exactly what the title tells: removable dentures that are supported both by the patient’s mucosa and dental implants. By using a minimum of two implants in the lower arch and a minimum of four implants in the upper arch, we are able to provide our patients with very esthetic and high quality option. The dentures are “snapping” on the implants and the patient can wear them throughout the day before “snapping” them off at night for hygiene purposes.

What are the advantages of implant supported dentures?

We know that a conventional dentures (even if they are made by the most skilled prosthodontist) could pose some challenges and limitations; the lack of retention and stability as well the psychological factor for the patients are among the most common ones. Over the years, the bone structure and the overlying soft tissue tends to resorb, which can cause functional and esthetic issues to patients who have lost their teeth. The implant supported dentures can solve those issues, by providing adequate support for the dentures in a cost effective way. Another major advantage of the implant supported dentures (which we call overdentures) is the ease of repair and maintenance chairside.

What is the process of fabricating the implant supported dentures?

As in every advanced case, the consultation of the patient by a Prosthodontist will define the diagnosis and the right treatment option. Clinical and radiographic evaluation will determine whether the patient is a good candidate for this option. Afterwards, we have the first stage of the treatment with the actual implant placement which is determined by accurate 3D tomography. After the healing of the implants (which is different case by case) we fabricate the prostheses which “snap” on the implants based on the esthetic needs of our patient. We follow the delivery of the overdentures with follow up adjustments in order to make sure our patient is happy and comfortable.

If you are missing teeth or you have exsting dentures that are old, worn down or ill-fitting, call us at 561-567-7880 for your consutlation with our Prosthodontist.

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