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Dr. K. and the staff are THE BEST!!! I highly recommend them. Tell them Maria sent you, you will not be disappointed!!

Maria Lombardo


Dr. Kallithrakas is an excellent dentist. He provides a thorough examination and explanations on your case. For sure you feel confident that you are in the best hands.

Antonios Chondros


I was very impressed by the quality of service and overall attention to the patient. I had extensive dental work done by Dr. Kallithrakas including implants, bridges, teeth extractions and gum surgery.

I did not experience any pain during or after any of the procedures and the results are amazing. In addition, the dental assistants and the office staff always made me feel welcome. I highly recommend this dental office.

Marister Rulz


I moved from California in which I had the same dentist for over 20 years so having to find a new dentist was very stressful to say the least. My husband and I both needed major dental work and after three dentists we found Seda. I can be very emotional when it comes to my teeth and everyone from the front office to the dentist (Dr. K) have eased my fears. I have now found my dentist for the next 20 years.

Shirley Pannucci


Dr. K and the staff are really caring. As someone who has feared the dentist since childhood, going to see the staff, while not a relaxing experience, has always been calming and reassuring…and most of all painless.

Ellen Brown


I came to see because I saw the informational. I was so touched that they give back and made two people really happy. Then I met Dr. K. He has the kindest manner and eyes.

I actually like going to the dentist now. My outcome is amazing. Can’t forget the staff omg the best!!! Thank you all. Peace and love Cindy Cronin.

Cindy Cronin


Dr. K fixed a botched up other job another dentist had done. The smile is perfect! The entire staff is professional and have never denied me an appointment when needed. Sima the dental hygienist does a great job. 

She has over 30 years of experience. My smile is awesome thanks to everyone there. Keep doing what you are doing cause you do it right!

Mary Elgin


Dr. K was wonderful and the staff was amazing! Went for consultation and join there insurance plan. Also starting in January 5th implants and it will be 7 months of treatment. Will keep you posted on this journey. So far, very pleased!

Lenore Constantino


I now have seen Dr. K three times since I started using him. I must say that he is a very sincere dentist who really cares about his patients. I highly recommend the practice and Dr. K, especially for this expertise in all phases of dentistry and his concern for patients.

David Luckner


I saw Dr. K. He is very thorough and careful in his work. He is caring about his patients and makes sure all is good before you leave the office. He is also a very nice person.

$300 is a lot of money in my world and had I known about that coverage issue in advance other arrangements could have been made. Besides, the cleaning and x rays should have been covered anyways because that doesn’t involve a specialist.

Nancy Cohen


Staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. K. is great. He have me a thorough treatment plan, and what would be the best options for me.

I highly recommend him and will continue to use him for my dental needs.

Shawon G.


When Dr. K looked at my tooth, it was apparent that I did have a problem with the crown on that tooth and he scheduled me for an early appointment. Thanks Dr. K!

Benedict V.


Dr K. has been very professional and gentle with me despite the fact that I am a frightful patient when it comes to dentistry. He did two implants a few years ago, and I am having another done. No problems at all. Very patient dentist.

Robin Butler


Dr. K was terrific as well in explaining what needs to be done. I was disappointed that I was told afterwords that Dr. K doesnt take my insurance because he is a specialist.

$300 is a lot of money in my world and had I known about that coverage issue in advance other arrangements could have been made. Besides, the cleaning and x rays should have been covered anyways because that doesn’t involve a specialist.

Robert Ross


I am not a fan of going to the dentist at all in fact I dread it. My experience with Dr Serafeim K today changed all that. He put me at ease immediately, he is

very professional but casual at the same time. He has those customer soft skills that you either have or you don’t, you can’t learn them it’s just natural. He made me under stand my treatment plan and what needed doing in a way that removed all my anxiety and stress and made me very comfortable. I have no anxiety going forward thanks to Dr Serafeim K Gary Caplan

Gary C. | May 19, 2023


Stop reading reviews here…Dr K. is by far the best! Total and complete mouth restoration including implants, bridges and crowns….impeccable work.

Takes time to listen to your concerns and desired outcomes. Caring, compassionate, and amazing skill- truly a master of his trade! Have had much work by many many dentists in the past…not only did the work fail, but none could have even come close to accomplishing what Dr K did for me…once never smiling, now never stopping. Look no further and trust that you are in the best hands out there .

Maria D. | May 17, 2023

He is the best.

Cinder C. | May 12, 2023
outstanding experience with Dr. K and all that work there at seda dental
Clifford H. | May 12, 2023
Very satisfied with Dr Kallithrakas. Very professional and explains everything in detail..the staff was very polite and helpful
Stephania S. | Apr 11, 2023

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. K. Did amazing work on me! He’s confident and gets the job done, all while being gentle and making you feel

comfortable! I will not go to anybody else.

Vincent C. | Mar 27, 2023

Dr. Serafeim Kallithrakas is a professional that will not find easily in the states. His knowledge and attention to detail is definitely above

expectations. He is responsive and in multiple situations with intense pain went above and beyond to meet my schedule to help me with my issues and pain that I couldn’t resist. His knowledge in implants as well was a plus in my cooperation with him as we successfully completed one implant and in case needed in the future Dr. Kallithrakas will be the one. I’m extremely satisfied with his services even having to drive more than an hour to his office. definitely recommended and finding his background having a dentist father make him the most desirable in Florida at least.

Eleftherios K. | Mar 27, 2023

Dr.Kallithrakas is so professional and sweet. I have had implants in my mouth under his care. His patience in explaining all procedures that

are done during each visit are remarcable. My fear and anxiety were gone since my first treatment. Highly recommend his professional services. Outstanding

Josefina O. | Mar 27, 2023

I recently had a procedure done at Dr. Kallithrakas’s dental clinic, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The staff were friendly and welcoming, and

Dr. Kallithrakas himself was very professional and knowledgeable. He explained the entire process to me in a way that I could easily understand, and made sure that I was comfortable throughout the procedure. The clinic was also very clean and modern, which made me feel even more at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Kallithrakas and his team for anyone looking for high-quality dental care. Their attention to detail and personalized approach to treatment is truly impressive.

Alexios T. | Mar 26, 2023

I give the highest praise for Dr.Serafeim Kallithrakas as my dentist. From my first visit with him in 2012, I was immediately grateful to be in his care. Prior

to coming to him, I had put off dental visits. Now, I look forward to my visits. He explains everything and makes me so at ease and comfortable, having anything done. I have disabilities and dental work is a big deal to me. Dr. Kallithrakas understands and takes extra care to make every procedure wonderful, every step of the way for me. I tell all my friends how wonderful he is, and recommend they go to him.

Karen G. | Mar 26, 2023

My name is Jason and here is my testimonial as a way of saying thank you. I have genetically bad teeth, at 21 years old I already had 4 root

canals. At 30 I had 8 root canals, in my 40’s I had receding gums and getting cavities where the gums receded… then the teeth started breaking and I was losing teeth, one time I lost a tooth from biting into a corn chip, A CORN CHIP!!! Then I started getting implants. Now, in my 50’s I have 8 implants and permanent dentures. I gave my history because I have been to more dentists than I can remember in New Jersey, California and now Florida. I have also been to 3 oral surgeons, 4 endodontists for the root canals and an orthodontist for braces when I was a kid. I’ve been to over 20 dental offices in my life. Few were bad and most of them mediocre at best. What I’m leading up to is how much I like Dr. Kallithrakas, whom I call, “Dr. K.” I hope that my following thank you note will express how great he is. Dr. K, I simply must thank you for making my dental experience as good as possible. You are the best dentist I have ever been to, and exactly what I am looking for in a dentist. Thank you for keeping me at ease during my appointment. I am very grateful of how gentle you are and that you genuinely care. Thank you for authentic communication, always giving me options and suggestions in my best interest. I am impressed of your professional skill, I can say with sincerity that you are an asset to your profession. Your positive energy brings out smiles from everyone Dr. K, I feel well cared for every time I come in, which is why I would never go anywhere else! It is difficult to express gratitude without coming off like it’s forced or hollow, but I hope you know that I mean everything I wrote and when I say thank you, I say it wholeheartedly.

Jason M. | Mar 26, 2023

The best dental care I have ever experienced. Professional, courteous, and friendly Mr.Serafeim made me feel like family. would highly

recommend to anyone. Thank you Doctor Warm Regards George Papadopoulos

George P. | Mar 26, 2023

I have been a patient of Dr. Serafeim Kallithrakas for over 13 years. I have had intense procedures done, implants, root canals, cavities filled, etc.

He has always done everything, with professional and excellent work. His experience, knowledge, and ability to take each procedure with the upmost best results has proved to me, he is the best! I have been to many top dentist before going to Dr. Kallithrakas, but none of them, can even be near, the level of diagnosis, treatment, and care that Dr. Kallithrakas provides every visit. His personality and genuine caring, kind manner, put you at ease thru out every step. I always know I’m in the best hands, grateful to have him in Florida. I have driven 2 hours just to have him do all my work, because he is the best!

Tara M. | Mar 26, 2023
“Dr. Kallithrakas is an amazing dentist. I have worn dentures and a partial fo 17 years and it was time to get a full lower denture.”
“Outstanding! He is the best dentist I have visited. I look forward to my dental visits with Dr.Kallithrakas, very thorough, patient, and knowledgeable.”
Josefina O.
“Dr. Kallithraka always answers all my questions and concerns and explains everything very clearly. I also really like that Dr. Kallithrakas takes care of the
“I continue to go to him and I feel very grateful to have a great Doctor as he is, here in Southern Florida. Highly recommend!”
Tara M.

“Dr. Kallithrakas has been my Dentist now for well over a year. I couldn’t ask for a better Dentist. I needed extensive work done because I had to


Carolyn W.

“Dr. Kallithrakas was thorough and gave me the time and attention I have always hoped from but rarely receive these days when it comes to


Self-verified patient
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