When You Should Consider a Smile Makeover

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Do you love your smile? Or, do you look in the mirror and wish your teeth were brighter, straighter, or more even? The time to consider a smile makeover is anytime you feel that a change in the way your teeth look or function would benefit your life. A smile makeover is a comprehensive dental treatment or series of treatments designed to improve the appearance of your smile. Most people consider one when they have concerns about the aesthetics of their teeth and gums and wish to enhance their smile’s overall look or restore full function to their mouth. 

When Do I Need a Smile Makeover?

Most people do not understand when, or why, they should look into getting a smile makeover – and rightfully so. A smile makeover is a comprehensive design plan that combines several cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile. It’s usually not a matter of “needing” a smile makeover, but rather choosing to have one if you’re dissatisfied with certain aspects of your smile or if it could improve your oral health.

Lucky for you, smile makeover treatments are a specialty of prosthodontist Dr. Serafeim Kallithrakas and his team at Novudentics in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

Using the digital approach to design your smile we can visualize and give a pretty close impression of your next smile. We can select the size, shape and color of your teeth as well as to change other esthetic factors, like the buccal corridors or the curvature of your smile; all these in a very predictable way.

Read on as Dr. Kallithrakas shares some of the most common reasons people come to our practice for a smile makeover.

Discolored or stained teeth

Teeth can be stained or yellowed by food, drinks, medication, smoking, or just the natural aging process. A smile makeover often includes procedures like teeth whitening to brighten your smile. Aging, lifestyle habits (such as smoking or excessive coffee or tea consumption), or certain medications can leave your teeth yellow, stained or discolored.

stained teeth

A smile makeover can include teeth whitening or other cosmetic procedures to restore a whiter, brighter smile. 

Old metal fillings

Nothing shows your age like old, dark-colored metal fillings. Fortunately, tooth filling materials have changed a lot since your first cavity fillings. Replacing older, noticeable fillings with newer, tooth-colored fillings or new conservative restorations like porcelain onlays will go a long way in improving the tooth’s integrity as well as its appearance. 

Misaligned or crooked teeth may require a smile makeover

If you have teeth that are misaligned, crooked, or have wide gaps between them, orthodontic treatments like braces or clear aligners can straighten your teeth and improve their alignment.

Chipped or cracked teeth

For teeth that are chipped, cracked, or have worn edges, dental bonding, veneers, or crowns can repair and restore the damaged teeth. The result? Stronger, healthier, and more uniform teeth with a fully restored appearance that gives you an impressive smile.

Missing teeth and gaps in your smile

Dental implants, bridges, or dentures can help replace missing teeth. These treatments can improve both the appearance of your face and smile as well as restoring optimal health and function to your occlusion.

Facial appearance and aging concerns

As we age, our teeth and facial structure can change (for example the face muscles tend to ‘drop’ and our upper lip becomes longer and less mobile), leading to a less youthful appearance. A smile makeover can incorporate various treatments to address these concerns, such as veneers to restore tooth shape and bonding to help restore the natural look of your teeth.

Get a Smile Makeover at Novudentics

Each smile makeover is unique to your personal needs and goals. At Novudentics, we use an advanced digital design program to create your new smile virtually, which accounts for your exact facial, occlusal, and anatomic features. With this precise blueprint, Dr. Kallithrakas develops an individually tailored treatment plan to help you achieve your specific smile goals.


Ready to get started on a more attractive smile? We can help. Give us a call today at 561-567-7880, or use our easy online booking feature to schedule a consultation with our team at Novudentics any time. 

Who Wrote This?


Dr. Kallithrakas (Dr. K) is the lead prosthodontist for Novudentics in Palm Beach, Florida. He obtained a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and conducted a one year fellowship in Implant Dentistry sponsored by Biomet 3i at NOVA Southeastern University. Dr. K also has a Master in Science in which his thesis The difference in microgap between zirconia and titanium abutments; a pilot study was published.

Dr. K and his team at Novudentics have extensive training in all areas of prosthodontics, and serve patients across the United States from his Palm Beach office location. He believes that changing someone’s smile can help make a difference in many aspects of someone’s life.

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