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What Are Prosthodontist Services?

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Trying to figure out exactly what prosthodontist services cover? If you didn’t already know, a prosthodontist is a dental specialist who focuses on replacing or restoring missing teeth and oral structures. Prosthodontic services involve a wide range of treatments to help patients regain full function and aesthetics for their smile. At Novudentics, we offer a wide variety of oral work all under lead prosthodontist Dr. Serafeim Kallithrakas.

What is a Prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a dentist who has completed 3-4 years of additional training after dental school to become a specialist in prosthodontics. This extensive training equips them to provide advanced care for complex dental issues.

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Prosthodontists differ from general dentists in their level of expertise in areas like:

  • Replacing missing teeth with dentures, bridges or dental implants
  • Crowns, veneers and inlays to restore damaged teeth
  • Repairing facial trauma injuries
  • Correcting speech impediments or TMJ disorders
  • Restoring optimal oral function

They serve as expert problem-solvers for patients with complex dental needs.

Prosthodontic Dentistry Explained

Prosthodontics involves comprehending the science behind replacing and restoring oral structures. A prosthodontist understands how to work with advanced materials like porcelain, metals, acrylics and zirconia. They can determine the optimal solution for each patient’s unique situation.

Prosthodontic treatments are aimed at:

  • Creating natural-looking dental restorations
  • Restoring ideal oral function and bite alignment
  • Enhancing facial aesthetics with smile reconstruction
  • Using state-of-the-art digital dentistry techniques like 3D printing
  • Improving overall oral health and wellbeing

With their advanced training, prosthodontists can provide both cosmetic and reconstructive treatments to help patients regain their confident, healthy smiles.

Why Would I Want to Visit a Prosthodontist?

Here are some key reasons you may want to visit a prosthodontist for oral treatment:

  • You have multiple missing teeth. Prosthodontists can provide tooth replacement solutions like dental implants, bridges, and dentures to restore your smile.
  • You want to improve the appearance of your smile. Prosthodontists specialize in aesthetic treatments like veneers, crowns, and smile design to enhance the beauty of your smile.
  • You have problems with your bite or jaw joint. Prosthodontists can treat issues like TMJ disorders, misalignment, and chronic pain through bite rehabilitation procedures and oral appliances.
  • You have complex dental problems. Prosthodontists have advanced expertise to handle challenging dental cases involving implants, crowns, bridges, and cosmetic treatments. Their specialized training equips them to provide comprehensive oral care.

In summary, prosthodontists are the ideal specialists for patients needing expert care with missing teeth replacements, smile makeovers, bite issues, and other complex dental problems. Their advanced prosthodontic training gives them specialized skills to restore optimal function and aesthetics for your smile.

What are Examples of Prosthodontic Services?

Some of the most common prosthodontic treatments include:

Dental Implants

Dental implants act as replacement tooth roots to securely anchor crowns, bridges or dentures. A prosthodontist has expertise in optimal implant positioning and restoring implants with lifelike teeth. Dental implants are extremely popular, and well worth their cost – if done right.

Dentures and Partials

Prosthodontists create well-fitting, natural-looking dentures and partial dentures to replace missing teeth. They can also use implants to retain dentures for added stability.

Crowns and Bridges

Custom-crafted crowns and bridges are used to restore single damaged teeth or span spaces from missing teeth. Prosthodontists handle complex cases involving multiple teeth. Oral work revolving around crowns and bridges usually is required for older adults, unless an injury occurs requiring cosmetic adjustments.

Veneers and Inlays

Veneers and inlays change the shape, color, and position of teeth. A prosthodontist can create transformative smile makeovers using specialized porcelain veneers that are custom tailored around your own oral structure.

TMJ and Sleep Apnea Care

Prosthodontists can treat TMJ/TMD disorders, snoring, and sleep apnea with oral appliances and bite adjustment procedures.

Maxillofacial Prosthetics

Prosthodontists can work with medical teams to create facial prosthetics for patients affected by trauma, disease or birth defects.

Prosthodontists vs General Dentists

While general dentists can provide some prosthodontic treatments, prosthodontists have the most advanced skillset. Their years of specialist training gives them an edge with:

  • Planning and decision-making for complex cases
  • Performing challenging or delicate procedures
  • Handling intricate cosmetic details
  • Coordinating interdisciplinary care
  • Troubleshooting complex dental issues
  • Knowing the limitations and best uses of advanced materials

Summary – Services Conducted by a Prosthodontist

For patients with reconstructive needs, missing teeth, cosmetic concerns or congenital defects, prosthodontists (like the ones at Novudentics) are the most qualified dental professional to provide care. Their expertise delivers optimal function, comfort and aesthetics.

If you have complex dental issues, consider seeing us for restoration solutions tailored to your needs. You can schedule an appointment via the button at the top of any page, or call us at 561-567-7880. With our specialized training and holistic perspective, we can help you regain your healthy, confident smile.

Who Wrote This?


Dr. Kallithrakas (Dr. K) is the lead prosthodontist for Novudentics in Palm Beach, Florida. He obtained a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and conducted a one year fellowship in Implant Dentistry sponsored by Biomet 3i at NOVA Southeastern University. Dr. K also has a Master in Science in which his thesis The difference in microgap between zirconia and titanium abutments; a pilot study was published.

Dr. K and his team at Novudentics have extensive training in all areas of prosthodontics, and serve patients across the United States from his Palm Beach office location. He believes that changing someone’s smile can help make a difference in many aspects of someone’s life.

Connect with Dr. Kallithrakas on Linkedin.

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